Workforce Engagement Toolkit Guide

Workforce Engagement Toolkit Guide

A fully engaged workforce is one of the most effective barriers against incidents and accidents. In practical terms, this means creating a workforce in which everyone feels able to actively participate and free to challenge. The oil and gas industry has improved at creating good processes and managing plant condition, but getting the workforce involved is they key to making a real step forward in safety performance.

This guidance is part of a toolbox which directs thre reader through a process to improve engagement behaviours (visibility, communication, involvement, support, challenge and participation) at the worksite. A continous improvement cycle of creating a desire for change, identifying strengths and areas for improvement, preparing and implementing an action plan and reviewing the process is outlined. An online survey maps each worksite to a maturity model for each of the behaviours and benchmarks each site against and industry average. These results can be used to identify areas for improvement and help build a HSE plan to improve workforce engagement.

Summary: This practical guide helps the reader identify goals to improve workforce engagement and understand how to go about achieving them.

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