Focal Points

Focal Points are a vital link between Step Change in Safety and its members.

Focal Points are a vital link between Step Change in Safety and its members. Each member company has an appointed Focal Point who is given direct and regular access to their company’s leadership team and HSE manager.

It’s the Focal Point’s job to connect with their colleagues and share Step Change in Safety’s news, events and initiatives. Focal points receive top-level support to help make a positive contribution to the development of their company’s safety culture.


Roles & Responsibilities

1) The Focal Point will;

i) Act as the main link between management, workforce and Step Change in Safety.

ii) Brief the MD/CEO, HSE Manager and all levels within their organisation on Step Change in Safety.

iii) Connect with those within the company who have roles to play in Step Change in Safety, ensure they are aware of each other’s roles and that they share knowledge and information within the company and Step Change in Safety.

iv) Understand Step Change in Safety's objectives and strategic focus and cascade knowledge of the Step Change in Safety programme and resources throughout their company.

v) Promote the Step Change in Safety organisation, aims and the improvement model both internally and externally their organisation.

vi) Assess the implementation of Step Change in Safety initiatives within their companies.

vii) Attend Step Change in Safety Focal Point meetings and, when necessary, act as delegate for the MD/CEO at Step Change in Safety events.

viii) Encourage and support company participation in Step Change in Safety network events.

ix) Maintain regular contact with Step Change in Safety and effect the participation of Support Team Members at appropriate company safety events.

x) Network with other Step Change in Safety Focal Points and promote the sharing of safety issues, learning and best practice. Mentor newly appointed focal points as appropriate. New LT Members / upcoming changes

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