Elected Safety Representatives' (ESR) Network

Offshore Safety reps were in place prior to the Piper Alpha tragedy however, their roles and responsibilities were different as were any actual powers they had.

Safety Reps are the most visible way of involving the workforce in health and safety

Why ESRs exist – To give representation to the offshore workforce in all matters of Health & Safety.

Who ESRs represent – The platform is broken into constituencies (No more than 40 people in each) which relate to their role in Drilling, Construction, Operations etc. Each constituency has at least 1 safety rep to provide representation.

What powers and functions do they have? – They have a direct line to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) if they are in disagreement with supervision or management. Safety Representatives have special training and some defined functions. For example, they can carry out workplace inspections and be involved in investigating incidents as part of a team to afford an unbiased & neutral view.

Who can become an Elected Safety Rep? – Any member of the workforce who wants to represent their fellow worker. They are proposed and seconded by members of the constituency that they are to serve in. They would typically be expected to serve for a 2 year period before being re-elected.

What are the duties of an Elected Safety Rep?

  • Investigate potential hazards and dangerous occurrences and to examine the causes of accidents.
  • Investigate complaints by any member of his constituency relating to the occupational health and safety.
  • Make representations to the installation manager.
  • Attend meetings of the safety committee.
  • Represent constituency members in consultations with inspectors.
  • Consult constituency members on any matters arising from the above.


On September 18th 2019, thirty years to the day since the introduction of the SI971 safety regulations, Step Change in Safety held the largest ever Safety Rep Day at Aberdeen’s P&J Live where we launched “Safety Rep Essentials” - new, HSE-supported guidance for OIMs, Supervisors, Employers and Elected Safety Reps.

The three new guides have been developed to improve engagement with ESRs, provide clear expectations around the role, and provide ESRs with a sense of purpose, direction and motivation. One of the guides explains the functions and powers of ESRs, a second provides guidance for offshore installation managers, and the third targets onshore departments.


ESR Network

The ESR Network is a group of elected safety representatives who have a huge influence on Step Change in Safety's activities.

Formerly known as the SCLT ESRs (Step Change in Safety Leadership Team Elected Safety Reps), different members of the group have attended every Leadership Team meeting since 2011 and speak on behalf of their colleagues on the issues which generate interest or cause concern. Their presence at these meetings is invaluable and ensures our activities are fully aligned with the workforce.

ESRs have a voice and our ESR Network is definitely listened to. If you would like to raise an issue through the group, please email them.

Would you like to join the ESR Network?

We currently have some openings and would love to hear from you. Please complete the ESR Network Registration Form and email it to carolyn@stepchangeinsafety.net. Your application is reviewed by the Step Change in Safety support team and the ESR Network members.

"We are the interface between workers and the Step Change Leadership Team. We have the ability to put the workforce's concerns directly to the Leadership Team for immediate feedback."



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ESR Charter

Download ESR CharterFiletype: pdf

ESR Monthly Updates

ESR Monthly Update Sep 2022

Download ESR Monthly Update Sep 2022Filetype: pdf

ESR Monthly Update Oct 2022 Landscape

Download ESR Monthly Update Oct 2022 LandscapeFiletype: pdf

ESR Monthly Update Nov 2022 Landscape

Download ESR Monthly Update Nov 2022 LandscapeFiletype: pdf

ESR Monthly Update Dec 2022 Landscape

Download ESR Monthly Update Dec 2022 LandscapeFiletype: pdf

ESR Monthly Update Jan 2023 Landscape

Download ESR Monthly Update Jan 2023 LandscapeFiletype: pdf

ESR Monthly Update Feb 2023 Landscape

Download ESR Monthly Update Feb 2023 LandscapeFiletype: pdf

ESR Monthly Update Mar 2023 Landscape

Download ESR Monthly Update Mar 2023 LandscapeFiletype: pdf

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